Professional Correctional Medicine –


Client: Professional Correctional Medicine
Estimated time: One week
Tools: Wordpress

Services Provides

  • WordPress
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Redesign of Old Website
  • Repurpose & Update Old Content
  • InFocus Theme
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The challenge

Dr. Blackburn of Professional Correctional Medicine wanted his website’s design and look updated.

Dr. Blackburn uses to disseminate important information to his customers. However, he was tired of using the default WordPress theme bundled with every installation. He wanted a more professional image for his company’s website. was already running WordPress,
thus updating the theme was Very Easy!

Fortunately for Dr. Blackburn, his website was already running WordPress. He was tired of the vanilla default theme and wanted to update.

With WordPress, changing themes is as easy as 1) Installing and 2) Activating. There’s not even a 3!

BalloonStormers Old Website: