Joe Bradley Photography


Client: Joe Bradley Photography
Estimated time: two weeks
Tools: WordPress

Services Provides

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The challenge

Joe Bradley Photography needed a Website

Joe didn’t have a website, and new he needed a way to show off his amazing photography exploits!

What better way to represent himself, control his brand, and highlight his talent than to have us build him a fantastic Portfolio Website.

Now Joe has one place to send all of his perspective customers to see what he can do, and they will surely hire him based on his fantastic photography portfolio display!

Joe wanted to Update his Website Himself – So it had to be WordPress

Being a technically savvy person, there was no reason for Joe (or anyone for that matter) to pay a professional Web Designer every time he wanted to add a blog post, or a new photograph to his website.

So we built his website using WordPress which allows him to easily update his site without ever having to engage with one of our web designers. But! We’re always here if he needs us!

Using the WordPress Mobile Application to Update the Site even On Location!

Joe Bradley will now be able to update his website even while he’s at an event shooting photos.

No more waiting to get back to the office for Joe. Now, while he’s at an event, he can update his website right from his mobile phone!

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