DEAF Way Interpreting Service


Client: DEAF Way
Estimated time: Four weeks
Tools: WordPress

Services Provides

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The challenge

DEAF Way needed an updated website to reflect their Brand.

DEAF Way had an old, static website (see picture below).

They wanted a fresh face for their organization with a design that better reflected their professionalism and high standing in the Sign Language Interpreting community throughout Saint Louis, Missouri. Their old website was more of a detractor from their good reputation than any assistance. Had to run on WordPress!

We used the new Alyeska Theme which is Responsive, meaning it displays well on every browser size, including all Mobile Devices.

More importantly, DEAF Way’s old, outdated, static website required a trained web professional who was well versed in web coding to update their website. Now anyone in their organization can be trained to utilize the Easy to use WordPress Content Management System to update the website from anywhere in the world!

We made sure to Redirect ALL Links, Images and Pages

One of the oft overlooked pieces of redesigning a website is making sure all of the old links, images, documents, and pages forward to their new versions. Or, if they no longer exist, forward to the closest related resource or the homepage.

The WordPress Plugin: Redirection makes the process VERY easy.

DEAF Way had a large number of content pieces to migrate, and we tested everything to make sure 100% of the redirects worked and no Search Engine “juice” was lost in the transfer.

Using the WordPress Mobile Application to Update the Site

DEAF Way has a large number of interpreters who will now be able to use their Apple iOS, Android, etc… mobile phones to update blogs and information on the website no matter where they are.

DEAF Way Old Website: