Client: BalloonStormers
Estimated time: One week
Tools: Wordpress

Services Provides

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The challenge

Gary Sines of BalloonStormers, Inc. wanted a better website.

BalloonStormers had a functioning website, which was old, horribly outdated, and hard to update. (see picture below) However, it ranked well in Search Engine searches so we wanted to make sure we didn’t loose the SEO Juice!

Of course we used WordPress for BalloonStormers new website!

We used the new Alyeska Theme which is Responsive, meaning it displays well on every browser size, including all Mobile Devices.

We made sure to Redirect ALL Links, Images and Pages

One of the oft overlooked pieces of redesigning a website is making sure all of the old links, images, documents, and pages forward to their new versions. Or, if they no longer exist, forward to the closest related resource or the homepage.

The WordPress Plugin: Redirection makes the process VERY easy.

Using the WordPress Mobile Application to Update the Site

Gary, and his other Hot Air Balloon Pilots, love the WordPress Mobile Application for their smart phones!

The Pilots will use their smart phones to take pictures pre-flight of their passengers, and during the flight, which are automatically uploaded to the website. They get great reception several thousand feet in the air too!

BalloonStormers Old Website: