Wood Pallet Shed

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Wood Pallet Shed

Credit: Butch Bridges

Lifehacker posted this fantastic article about a man who built a Wood Shed out of Pallets.

More cool uses for Wood Pallets.

I love a good DIY project, and I’ve grabbed the most pertinent information from Butch’s (very dated looking) web site and presented them here.

Build Your Own Wood Pallet Shed

1) 42 inch by 42 inch square pallets.

The less cutting you have to do to the pallets, the better. They are made of extremely hard wood.

One wall is formed by bolting 3 pallets together, end to end. 42 inch x 126 inch wall or about 10.5 feet.

2) 50x 3.5 inch long, 5/16 inch bolts and washers. Using 1/4 inch bolts instead could save some money.

To start the second level wall, bolt 2 sections together, then place them on top of the first wall, beginning at a corner.
Continue bolting one section to the next, until you had gone all around the shed’s 2nd level.
To secure the 2nd level to the 1st level, use short pieces of 1X4′s inside the walls of the pallets with about 24x 4 inch long bolts all the way through.

Shed Walls and Roof Structure

3) 12 foot long 2x4s turned on their sides. 2x6s would be better, but cost more.

4) Raise the front of the shed’s roof by another 10 inches using 2x4s as extensions. This will give the roof a good slope.

5) Place 12 foot long 1x4s across the 2x4s, secured with 3.5 inch deck screws.

6) It will take 63x 3.5 inch deck screws if you put 2x at the ends of each 2X4.

Shed Roofing Material

7) Galvanized carport sheet metal.

Exterior walls

8) 4×8 sheets of 7/16 inch thick LP SmartSide Panel. $16.95 a sheet. 10 sheets.

Shed Doors

The shed doors pictured were from another project.

Securing Shed to the Ground

Secure the shed to the ground with concrete piers at each corner.
Heavy steel straps embedded into the concrete along with an 18 inch piece of rebar drove into the hole.

Final Shed Outcome and Total Cost Estimate

In summary, a 10 ft X 10 ft shed made from recycled wood pallets turned out very well. Stronger than expected, less complicated to make, and saved money over the conventional building method or store bought sheds. Since there is no plastic in the construction, it should last many years.

Total cost was less than $500.

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  1. John Aikin! 26/10/2012 09:32

    thanks for the inspiration and understandable direction

  2. Erline 24/11/2012 07:32

    Actually, a clay/wood or clay/straw mixture beetewn wood framing is an age old proven practice(and I mean 1000 s of years!). The clay seals the walls from air movement but the earth keeps it breathable and regulates humidity. The clay also preserves the timbers and the woodchip or straw gives it insulating loft and the earth walls gives it thermal mass for heat regulation.After years of research into what building techniques would suit us best with our major objectives being to a) use mostly locally found materials from our own forest on clay soils and b) build to last a minimum of 500 years, this is, in fact, the exact building technique that we have settled on for our next (and final) house. We have settled on roundwood timber framing (less waste, more strength and beauty) infilled with light earth ( clay mixed with woodchips in our case since straw is not readily available).Many homes/huts I saw in Mexico when I was last there were built of local indigenous wood which the locals told us were made from a species selected specifically because of its known weather and insect resistant properties. The tragedy would be if they adopted manufactured home technology using imported wood that wasn’t suited for that environment or had to be chemically treated to suit.

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