Considering the WordPress Quotes Collection Plugin

To anyone who has been around my website, or seen me post on social media, I’m a sucker for a good quote.

On of the oldest posts on this blog is an In Remembrance post of favorite Quotes. After that post reached a some-what crazy length, I decided to switch to a very WordPress style Category system with Quotes as the main category, and sub-categories of each quoted person’s name. Ex: Ellis Benus quotes, Will Smith quotes and Benjamin Disraeli quotes.

Now that my Quotes collection is approaching the 200 mark, and with 117 quoted authors, I feel like I need to move away from a standard WordPress Post and Category system, and find a WordPress plugin which can handle all my quoting needs.

Quotes Collection WordPress Plugin

Fortunately a simple Google Search landed me on the Quotes Collection WordPress Plugin page.

Quotes Collection WordPress Plugin


List of Quotes Categories on EllisBenus.com

It’s been downloaded almost 200,000 times at time of writing, and it’s compatible up to the newest version of WordPress (3.5 at time of writing) which are both great signs this is a good plugin.

The plugin utilizes a Custom Post Type for Quotes, which would clean up my Posts and Categories view in WordPress.

The plugin also boasts a really handy Random Quote Widget which I think would compliment my sidebar nicely.

As with any website of this size, I’ll have to test the plugin in a development environment first. Hopefully it will meet my needs and I’ll be able to migrate away from the old Post/Category system. Obviously I’ll setup redirects for all the old pages and categories so none of my Google juice (if any) gets lost, and no links break.

I’ll write a follow-up post about my success or failure with this plugin.

Leave a comment if you want to be notified about the follow-up post!

Thanks, and have a Happy Holidays!

Instant WordPress Free Portable Development or Testing

Instant WordPress is a free downloadable file which creates a portable  WordPress environment.

Instant WordPress doesn’t “install” but simply extracts to a folder either on your local hard drive OR on a portable USB thumb drive.

To open Instant WordPress, you simply click on the excecutable (Instant WordPress.exe) file and a loading screen pops up. This process starts the built in web server which will run your WordPress installation, and sets up everything you need to get started.

A handy start screen window (shown below) pops up, allowing for easy one click access to everywhere in your WordPress installation.

Download Instant WordPress

The includes one click access to:

  • Your WordPress installation’s Homepage
  • The WordPress Administrative area, with user: Admin and pass: password
  • The plugins folder
  • The themes folder
  • The MySQL Admin area PHPmyAdmin for advanced users, editing, backup and restore of the WordPress database.
  • Documentation to help with Instant WordPress
The Instant WordPress website asks the following:
  • Do you get frustrated testing your WordPress themes and plugins for each new WordPress upgrade?
  • Would you like to be able to easily and quickly test a WordPress theme or plugin?
  • Would you like to carry around your WordPress testing and development work on a USB key?
Download Instant WordPress

Evaluating the Network Publisher WordPress Plugin for Social Media Sharing

Network Publisher - WordPress - Web Design Columbia MO - Ellis Benus

Network Publisher promises to make it super simple to publish anything put on a self hosted WordPress website to social media automatically.

WordPress Mobile Application

Download WordPress Mobile Application for your Phone


Absolutely fantastic addition to an already awesome WordPress!

WordPress released a free Mobile Application which allows you to easily manage one, or multiple, websites. All from your phone!

My favorite feature is the Quick Photo option which allows you to snap a picture and automatically put it into a new Post ready for you to add content.



Download Redirection: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/redirection/

Redirection is a WordPress plugin which gives the user a very handy interface for easily creating redirection rules and keeping track of 404 errors – Page not Found – without requiring advanced knowledge.

It is very important to prevent 404 Errors from occurring on your website.

The reason it’s important is because if a Search Engine has found a page, image or other item on your website and the location changes and the Search Engine isn’t redirected to a new location then it simply deletes that entry from it’s records.

If a person has bookmarked a URL on your website, or if someone created a link to a location on your site, and you change the location, then that link breaks and people trying to find your site no longer can.

404 Errors happen when you:

  • Delete a page/post/image from your website
  • Update your website and move content from one URL structure to another
    For Example:
    old website = http://domain.com/pages/about.html
    new website = http://domain.com/About
Redirect gives a really user friendly interface for tracking and fixing this on your website.

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